• At least Bachelor degree from Engineering or Information technology.
  • Minimum 5 years experience with similar position / industry (Out of Home advertising / ISP / Cable TV will be an advantage).
  • Experienced with installation, troubleshooting, and software/hardware maintenance.
  • Have a good communication skills with Management or C level.
  • Able to manage large team.

Job Description:

  • To Initiate, direct and operational strategies, policies and systems, ensuring that decisions of strategic, corporate and operational nature within technical operations are made, executed, communicated and implemented in the most efficient way
  • To develop, coordinate, Implement and execute technical operations activities, programs, plans, and alliances effectively and efficiently. Ensure compliance with all applicable policies, quality requirements and regulations.
  • Build, develop, and lead a high-performance technical operation team.
  • Ensure all technical operation processes and activities are communicated and coordinated internally and across functions, supporting the company overall plan and objectives, and are effective expenditure of resources.
  • Ensuring that manufacturing, logistics, planning, quality control, customer service, procurement and contact manufacturing organization are living up to agreed technical operations strategies and quality as well as monitoring of these.



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    Please review my CV, I am a good and best suit candidate for a position you are looking for.

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