• Education:Bachelor’s degree, major in Mechanical engineering or science and engineering.
  • Have business and management experience.
  • Good communication skill, teamwork spirit, strong logical thinking.
  • Have a strong sense of business acumen, and be able to analyze data and demand.
  • Proficient in Indonesian and English, with good listening, reading and writing skills.

Job Description:

  • Collect market information and analyze market trends to develop business promotion plans and marketing strategies.
  • Report sales status to facilitate evaluation and revision of sales strategy or new strategy.
  • Provides instant feedback, track and solve problem. Consolidate customer relationships and improve customer satisfaction
  • Integrate company strategy, customer demand, operational requirements and R&D resources. Responsible for defining the requirements and managing the requirements by priority.
  • Develop and manage distributions, maintain the relationship of distributions.
  • Provide training and support marketing activities for regional distributions.
  • Collaborate with all departments to immediately solve the problems in the process of selling, and continue to optimize strategies and plans.



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