When trying to find a dream job, people look through the internet or job applications. However, nowadays, many job hunters choose a helping hand to land their dream careers. For that reason, headhunters increase in popularity. A headhunter is different from a recruiter. What are the differences? Read on!


What Is Headhunter

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In the business world, a headhunter plays a major role in the employment market. They match qualified job seekers to companies looking for a new employee. However, most of the vacancies are at executive levels within the business. That is why they are also referred to as executive recruiters.

To companies hiring them, headhunters have particular skills to identify job hunters’ potencies and capabilities that match their needs.


What Are the Differences Between Headhunter and Recruiters

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The two titles are used interchangeably. Both of them find perfect candidates for suitable job positions. Even so, the word headhunters cross people’s minds when the topic is an executive search. 

As described by Adecco, headhunters will only engage in high-grade positions and highly paid applicants. They can also serve as career coaches to help candidates prepare for the recruitment process.

On the other hand, recruiters are part of companies who conduct recruitment tasks starting from job-seeker selection to the offering once they pass the employment. In short, recruiters are the first scanning of potential employees. 


Tips for Working with Headhunter

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If you are interested in working with one, here are a few useful tips as quoted by Forbes:

Evaluating Before Responding

Many job seekers get excited once they receive emails or other approaches from headhunters. Still, better to think twice before giving a response. There is no guarantee that people who contact you are any good. Hence, evaluating their background in the first place is necessary.

Don’t Submit resume Before You Are fully Sure

Whether headhunters reach you out or you reach them out first, do not haste to give your resume. It is because unscrupulous parties can submit your resume whenever and wherever they like without your consent once they hold your resume.

Be Direct, Clear, and Straightforward

You must be clear and firm about what you are looking for and what you are interested in. It would be best if you gained control through employment. 

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