Whether it is big or small, human resources development (HRD) plays an important role in companies. While many people only see HR as a department handling payroll and employees’ recruitment, there is more than that. To learn more about human resources development and how can they improve workers’ masteries? Keep reading!


What Is Human Resources Development

Human resources development is the framework for assisting workers in improving their knowledge, skills, and ability and making sure the company has upgraded its technical assets. HRD is also responsible for helping the organization conform to its rules and guidelines. 

HRD helps to develop superior personals to accomplish both the company and the employees’ goals. So how does human resources development boosts workers’ productivity

Human Resources Development
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How Can HR Development Improves Productivity

HR staff ensures they can spark employees’ engagement and productivity through their development programs. How does it work?

  • Perform Employee Survey

To learn what the employee needs, HR will conduct a survey. Some questions asked generally are what they feel about working in the company, whether they understand their career ladder steps, how their work-life balances, what they think about the working atmosphere, etc.

  • Offer Flexible Work Options

We are all still struggling with this new normal thing. While most people claim they can be more productive while working at home and feel safer, others are eager to have a flexible work-home setting. The company must be aware of this need.

  • Upgrade Tools and Technology

One thing that can hinder employees’ productivity is outdated tools and tech. These old technologies can create frustration. HRD must make sure to update the tools so that the business runs well. Low budget in software and hardware can cost the company their best employees. 

  • Give Skill and Career Development

Offering employees skill training or career development is better than spending time and resources on hiring and training. Through this development program, employees will also be more engaged with the company’s values.

Perfect productivity development is hard work for human resources development. But with the right method, tools, and resources, the company will have highly productive teams. If you wish to read more articles about employment and job opportunities, visit our website SunRecruit

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