Our client, an EV automotive (2W) company is looking for potential candidates to be placed as customs with details as follows:



    • Position: Customs
    • Division: Export-Import
    • Location: Cikarang
    • Industry: EV Automotive (2W)
    • Salary: Classified



    • For the scope of work, it’s more or less like this:
      • Understand, Responsible Customs Clearance Import By Ocean By Air, By Courier, Part, and CBU / CKD.
        Understand, Responsible “Certificate of Inspection” to KSO Sucofindo and Import Permit if any
      • Understand, Responsible/Handling Billing Code and Payment Online Import Duty and Tax and monitoring of BPN.
      • Understand, Responsible Customs Clearance Export P&A (Create SI, Final PEB Draft)
      • Understand, Responsible FORM A (CBU) and Revise FORM A if any
      • Handling, Follow up, and Control Submission Objection to Customs & Appeal to Tax Court
      • Handling, Follow up, and Control Submission for refund Duty and Penalty to Customs
      • PIB checking & PIB approval (Import Declaration)
      • PEB Checking & PEB Approval (Export Declaration)
      • Checking Billing Invoice from customs broker and other third parties
      • Maintain HS Code Classification Parts and Accessories and CBU
      • Maintain Customs Documentation i.o PIB, Shipping Document, and other data (Keep Softcopy file and Hardcopy file).
      • Maximize company import facility with SKA (FTA)
      • Analyze import permit, import valuation, import duty, import tax, forwarding company, shipping company, customs broker, and other
      • Understand, Handling, and Follow Up Customs Audit
      • Understand FTA Certificate and Rule of Origin
      • Understand Customs Law and Import Regulation and MOT Regulation, MOI Regulation, and MOF Regulation
      • Ensure on-time delivery
      • Ensure all customs processes comply with regulations
    • For the length of service, it depends on what level of the company you need.. and in customs, at least the staff must have knowledge of Customs (if the staff has a responsible manager)
    • and specifically for the Vehicle Industry, because there is a special treatment at the PIB for inputting imported data, you must also make sure the PIC understands it… because the VIN and ENGINE Number must be correct.



    • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree major in Supply Chain Management / Finance / Business / Engineering or equivalent Supply Chain Management experience is required
    • Fluent in English
    • 8+ years of experience in automotive purchasing
    • At least 5 years of experience in the automotive manufacturing in Indonesia
    • Preferably Manager/Assistant Manager specialized in Manufacturing/Production Operations or equivalent
    • Experienced in establishing the SAP and ERP System
    • Understanding the basic cost elements of automotive parts
    • Mastering the Customs Law
    • Mastering Procedures for Releasing Imported Goods (Imports for use, Temporary Imports, Moving Goods, Shipments, Rush Handling)
    • Mastering Procedures for Delivery of Export Goods (Export sales, Temporary Exports, and others)
    • Understand the arrival of goods, unloading, stockpiling, releasing goods, and inspection
    • Understand the Classification of Goods / HS Code (including PDRI, BM, PPN, PPNBM, and PPH)
    • Understand Customs Facilities
    • Understand the Customs Value System
    • Understand Customs Audit
    • Sanctions, Fines, and Penalties
    • Team leadership and coaching
    • Strong communication and negotiation skills across various stakeholder levels
    • Good interpersonal and social skills
    • Self-driven & entrepreneurial
    • Detail-oriented with strong quantitative analytical skills


Directly drop your updated CV / Resume to our consultant.


Thank You and Good Luck!

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