Headhunter: The Meaning, Their Duties, and How They Get Paid

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Have you ever heard of a headhunter? A person in the business world almost definitely won’t be surprised to hear this word. This job description is often equated with that of a recruiter. In point of fact, they are distinct careers. So, what is this occupation, exactly? Have a look at the articles that have been compiled by Sunrecruit Indonesia, Suners!


An Understanding of What a Headhunter is in General

A person called a “headhunter” looks for people with certain skills and experience to meet a company’s needs. Simply put, an executive recruiter or executive search is another name for this.

It’s possible to go a variety of ways when searching for new hires. And, of course, this field of work is able to help provide for those requirements. Finding exceptional people for senior-level positions like those of executives, managers, and specialists is a major part of what these professionals do.

They can scan a stack of résumés in a matter of seconds and know immediately who is qualified for the job and whether or not their client’s firm will benefit from hiring them.

Some people may also reach out to an executive search firm on their own to send a résumé or apply for a job that is being recruited.


What Exactly Does an Executive Recruiter Do?

These are the typical steps involved in a search by an executive recruiter:

  1. Establish the New Hires’ Needs and Draft the Requirements
    First, an executive recruiter will ask them for a thorough description of their ideal candidate. They will talk about relevant work history and any other relevant considerations. The firm leader typically communicates the new hire’s needs to the executive search team.
  2. Made a list of the Required Qualifications and Experience that were Needed and Looked for Qualified Applicants
    The screening for passive candidates is often accompanied by an active search for work hunters. Executive recruiters might advertise the position on employment sites or visit career fairs to meet prospective candidates. In order to evaluate applicants thoroughly, they will request application materials. After that, a list of potential candidates will be compiled.
  3. Schedule a Meeting for the Interview Process
    Next, the executive search firm makes a preliminary screening call and sets up a meeting and interview with the recruiting manager for each candidate.
  4. Create an Offer
    An offer will be available after successfully completing screenings and selecting the most qualified candidate. There are two possible alternatives: done by the corporation itself or by the headhunter.


How do They Get Paid?

Executive search gets paid only if they are able to place a position for their candidate of choice. Employers spend between fifteen and twenty percent of the position’s 1st-year compensation on a recruitment firm. They should also expect to pay approximately thirty percent of their base income, depending on their level of experience and training.

In reality, two common practices exist when compensating an executive recruiter. A retained basis is the number one method. Another method is called “contingent,” and it involves only getting paid when a good candidate for a job has been found.

Hiring an executive search in the United States will cost employees $500 to $4,000. However, these professions are not permitted to charge job candidates in some nations, such as the United Kingdom. Once the role has been occupied, the hire is responsible for the payments.


Those are in-depth facts regarding headhunters, ranging from general knowledge to what they do and how they are paid. Obviously, after reading this, your confusion has been cleared up, right? Let’s keep looking into things by reading other articles that Sunrecruit Indonesia has written just for you, Suners! This will give you even more information about various topics.

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