Introverts, Here are 3 Ways to Thrive in an "Extroverted" Career

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Meeting new people at work might be challenging for an introvert. In most cases, this person is able to concentrate more easily on doing their work when there is no intrusion from others.

As a matter of fact, the workplace is full of situations in which we are required to communicate with people. However, no need to worry, Suners! Sunrecruit Indonesia has written an article about how introverts can thrive in an “extroverted” career. So let’s look closely!


Cultivate Friendships with Others to Thrive in an “Extroverted” Career

There will inevitably be idle chitchat between coworkers at all times. However, if this occurs infrequently, it will be an awkward situation. Most introverts hate meaningless chatter and would much rather talk about important things.

If you don’t put in the effort to cultivate positive friendships, this could make things more challenging for you, Suners! You should try to get to know your peers, especially someone with whom you share a close and frequent working relationship.

Additionally, making an effort to become friends with gregarious people can help you thrive in an “extroverted” career. You may ask them for advice on how they can improve their confidence over time. You can also take some time to write an email to someone you’d like to make a connection with, especially if you find it difficult to make small talk directly.


Get Ready for the Upcoming Meetings

An introvert may find it challenging to carry on a conversation spontaneously for an extended period of time. However, introverts have a reputation for being exceptional planners. This affords you the opportunity to methodically consider your future steps.

Furthermore, it can help you focus when you have a full schedule on the day of the meeting. If you are expected to give a presentation, it should be well-organized, interesting, and professional.

It is crucial that you spend time in advance preparing answers to potential queries. While you are thinking carefully about your ideas, write down everything that will be necessary for the meeting on a notepad and take it along with you.

Speaking in public can be nerve-wracking, but honing your delivery through practice is the key to feeling confident. To calm your nerves, go to the office early with everything you need and some time to mingle with the other attendees. As soon as the meeting begins, pay close attention and take notes so that you can contribute when the time comes.


Set Aside Time to Rest and Regain Energy

It’s completely obvious that introverts not only prefer but also require alone time. Perhaps only a few hours per week might help, especially if you have an extrovert job.

The third way to thrive in an “extroverted” career as an introvert is to create a space for yourself at work where you can go for five minutes of peace and relaxation. It has the power to restore your spirits and revitalize your energy levels.

Avoid giving attention to anything related to work during the day off, Suners! Use your downtime wisely by doing something you enjoy. This can make you feel refreshed and ready to go to work the next day with energy.

In the end, there is no shortcut to achieving both happiness and success in professional life. However, if you combine this strategy with the appropriate mix of other types of support, you will be able to thrive in an “extroverted” career while being an introvert. There is no need to rush, so it won’t be difficult for you to complete. 


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